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Support Coordination Services

To put it simply, NDIS support coordination can help you navigate NDIS pathways. This way, you or your loved ones can get as much value from the NDIS as possible. This comes in the form of a NDIS plan Support Coordinator.

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What do Support Coordinators do?

Support Coordination

Our Support Coordinators aim to compliment your life and help put your NDIS plan into action.


Support Coordination at Flexi Support

NDIS expertise

Flexi Support is a registered NDIS provider. We help you achieve the goals you've set.


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What is Support Coordination?

Most NDIS participants have funding for Support Coordination under the Capacity Building Category.

This funding is for assistance to help a participant find appropriate supports and coordinate mainstream, informal (family and friends) and funded supports, such as personal care.

Support coordination has a person-centred approach as every individual is different. You have choice and control to change support coordinators at any time you wish to do so.

What do Support Coordinators do?

Support coordinators work with NDIS participants to plan individual development goals and how you want to achieve them.

NDIS Support Coordinators do things such as:

  • Assess the funding and services available to you, including mainstream, community, informal and provider options.
  • Help you choose your preferred support options or providers.
  • Negotiate your preferred services and prices, as well as develop service agreements and create service bookings with preferred providers.
  • Arrange any assessments required to determine the funding available to you.
  • Help decide on a budget for each support type.
  • Help you to understand your personal responsibilities under service agreements, resolve problems or issues that arise, and change or end service agreements.

Flexi Support's experienced Support Coordination Team can:

  • Help get your individual plan started.
  • Work with you to find mainstream services, such as education and employment.
  • Ensure that you are effectively linked in to services that you want and/or need.
  • Work with you to develop skills and resilience.
  • Work with you to achieve your goals.
  • Assist you in finding appropriate disability housing.
  • Train parents and carers in understanding their role as informal supporters.

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Support Coordination at Flexi Support

Our goal at Flexi Support is to ensure NDIS participants get supports that cater to their needs. To do this, we are:

Diverse and flexible

We understand that participants come from different cultural backgrounds and everyone is unique. Our multicultural office team speak different languages and we can arrange translation services if needed.

Focused on your goals

Our approach is to get to know you, by talking to you and your supports (family and friends) to find services that would perfectly match your needs and those that you’re happy with.

Highly experienced in NDIS pathways

We’re here to help you navigate the confusing jargon and paperwork to better access to the services you need. We’ll help ensure your plan is implemented effectively to achieve the goals that you’ve set.

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If this is a service you would be interested in, feel free to contact our Support Coordination Team. We’re happy to answer any of your NDIS questions.

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