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Attendant care from an approved home care provider

TAC & WorkSafe Attendant Care

Flexi Support prioritises quality of care to support you immediately and in the long-term.

Recovery after an accident can be unpredictable, so all our attendant care services are available on a one-off, on-call, short-term or long-term basis.

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Supporting Independence

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Flexible Attendant Care

Approved TAC provider

Flexi Support is a registered TAC provider. We have a wide range of attendant care services.


Commonly Asked Questions

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We're an Approved TAC Provider

Flexi Support is a registered TAC and WorkSafe provider. We have a wide range of attendant care services, from showering, cleaning, to overnight support. We also provide disability care and mental health support.

Our Flexible Care services include:

  • Personal Care
  • Rehabilitation recovery assistance
  • Care for neurological disabilities such as spinal injury
  • Mental Health Support for children and adults
  • Help in the Home
  • Support Coordination (for Disability Care)

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Supporting Independence

At Flexi Support, we help you to live independently after a transport accident. We listen to your goals and desired levels of support, and can be involved or as hands-off as you’d like.

Submitting your Support Plan to TAC

To get TAC funding for attendant care, a Support Plan is submitted to TAC with your proposed attendant care program. We can also use your current support plan to continue services without disruption. Exactly what services can be included depends on your circumstances and your preferences for support. Some need short-term assistance with grocery shopping, while others require specialised disability care that may also need further Support Coordination.

Find the care services you want

The criteria for TAC funding may seem vague. This is so clients can access the full range of service providers rather than be pigeonholed with limited choice. However, this can be daunting if you’re unsure where to start.
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The road to recovery can be unpredictable. That’s why we provide flexible shift options. We can respond to sudden changes in circumstance so you’re not without the services you need.

Flexible Attendant Care

We’re an approved TAC provider because we understand the need for high quality care that supports you immediately and long-term. To do this, we have:

Multicultural and diverse carers

We understand the nuances of care needs across different cultural backgrounds.

Over 20 years experience in care

We look after people of all ages and abilities, from high functioning to low capacity.

Registered and approved

Flexi Support is registered and approved with TAC as an attendant care agency.

Flexible direct care services

Flexible direct care services that can be individually tailored, and integrated with any other providers for highly specialised care.

Honest and transparent communication

We actively work with you in planning your care and working towards your goals.

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TAC and WorkSafe

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What types of attendant services will TAC fund?

Your options will depend on your circumstances in relation to your accident injuries. All attendant care programs need to be approved by TAC.

We have a wide range of attendant care services. Examples can include:

  • Personal care – to help you with showering, toileting, dressing, mobility.
  • Help in the home – to help with meal preparation, grocery shopping, general cleaning.
  • Disability care – this can include case management if needed.
    And more.

TAC funding does NOT include:

  • Personal or incidental expenses like meals.
  • Attendant care services for a person other than the injured client.

Q: Am I eligible for TAC funding?

If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s best to refer to TAC’s “What to do after an accident” page, or contact the TAC directly.

Q: How do I make a WorkSafe claim?

It’s best to refer to WorkSafe Victoria’s “Claims” page, or contact their advisory service directly.

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