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Woman boxing with her choice of trainer provider through NDIS Plan Management

NDIS Plan Management: choosing your own providers

There are many benefits to NDIS plan management. Specifically, one lesser-known advantage is having the flexibility to choose NDIS services with any provider, whether or not they are registered with the NDIS. In other words, this means participants can access more options for finding supports.

Excitingly, these options are broad. They can include allied-health services like carers and support workers. Or non-health providers like personal trainers, tradespeople, and even assistive technology.

Furthermore, having access to both registered and unregistered NDIS providers is especially helpful if you’re living in rural, regional or remote areas.


Registered vs Unregistered NDIS Providers

To explain, “NDIS-registered” providers are organisations that have completed the NDIS registration process.

However, NDIS registration is complex and expensive. Unfortunately this makes it hard for smaller businesses and individuals to complete. For instance, larger organisations like Flexi Support are NDIS-registered. Whereas allied-health individuals like therapists, or tradespeople like gardeners and builders commonly provide NDIS services as “unregistered” NDIS providers.  

Often, NDIS participants need services from both registered and unregistered NDIS providers. In many cases, and in particular for regional or rural participants, NDIS-registered providers are simply not convenient or available in their local area.  

Another reason is preference. Often, new participants have existing services with unregistered-NDIS providers, prior to being approved for the NDIS. Many participants enjoy their existing relationship and experience with these providers, and would prefer to continue their services without disruption.

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Do I need a NDIS Plan Manager?

There’s 3 ways NDIS funds can be managed: agency-managed, self-managed, and plan-managed. To illustrate, we explain the differences in this table:

  Amount of work for participant Access to service providers
Agency Managed Low – NDIA manages funds on your behalf Restricted – Participants can only use “NDIS-registered providers”
Self Managed High – Participant claims and pays all provider invoices and self-manages bookkeeping Flexible – Participants can use any provider regardless of their registration status
Plan Managed Flexible – Plan Manager does bookkeeping and pays provider invoices on your behalf Flexible – Participants can use any provider regardless of their registration status


Therefore, if your NDIS funds are Agency-managed, you’ll only be able to use “NDIS-registered” providers. On the other hand, Self-managed and Plan-managed participants can use any provider regardless of NDIS-registration.

So if you’d like more choice of providers on your NDIS plan, consider self-management or NDIS Plan Management.

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Self-Managing vs NDIS Plan Management

Everyone is different, so how you choose to manage your NDIS funds will differ. Other than choice in providers, it’s worth thinking about managing your NDIS plan across its entire duration.  Generally, NDIS plan management responsibilities include:  

  • Receiving and paying invoices to your service providers
  • Completing claims through the NDIA portal
  • Budgeting e.g. tracking when funds are too high or low
  • Keeping accurate financial records
  • Ensuring funds are spent according to your NDIS plan


An experienced NDIS Plan Manager can also help with:  

  • Providing accurate monthly statements 
  • Explaining funding situation and NDIS terms in simple language
  • Ensuring funds are sufficient when service agreements change
  • Support in languages other than English

If you’d like support to hire a Plan Manager, ask your NDIA Planner about how to access this funding category through your NDIS Plan. And contact our friendly team if you’d like to know more about Plan Management services at Flexi Support.


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